Christy Myers Sculpture

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The following are pictures of a work in progress, the subject is Cherubim based on the description in Ezekiel and other places in the Bible.

This page will be updated often. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view


The following are the piece before casting in bronze, but sculpting is done. The pipes are all armature and are only for support of the clay until casting.

sideview1.jpg (302118 bytes)

sideview2.jpg (279355 bytes)

sideview3.jpg (299822 bytes)

sideview4.jpg (332071 bytes)

The following are close ups of each individual Cherubim.

Eaglecloseup.jpg (178764 bytes)

mancloseup.jpg (138394 bytes)

lioncloseup.jpg (164331 bytes)

oxcloseup.jpg (151387 bytes)




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