Christy Myers Sculpture

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The following pictures are of a step by step progression of a work in progress. This piece is currently unfinished and untitled, however new pictures will be posted soon.

  Click the pictures for a larger view.

untitledstep1.jpg (54303 bytes)

The first step is creating an armature to hold the clay

untitledstep2.jpg (53111 bytes)

Next comes the clay up

untitledstep3.jpg (63529 bytes)

Roughing in the features
untitledstep4.jpg (62963 bytes) Refining the facial features
untitledstep5.jpg (54676 bytes) The head is mostly complete. The shoulders and bust are roughed in

untitledstep6.jpg (53896 bytes)

The decision was made to move to a taller armature, this is an unusual move but important to the piece

untitledstep7.jpg (62855 bytes)

The new armature is then clayed up and the figure roughed in

untitledstep8.jpg (61308 bytes)

The figure is mostly complete, only minor adjustments will be made to piece

untitledstep9.jpg (54858 bytes)

View from left side of piece

untitledstep10.jpg (66623 bytes)

View from right side of piece

untitledstep11.jpg (62841 bytes)

View from back of piece

untitledstep12.jpg (54444 bytes)

Sculpting is finished

untitledstep13.jpg (49996 bytes) Another view
untitledstep14.jpg (49679 bytes) The piece is left to dry before firing this will take around four weeks


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