Christy Myers Sculpture

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Two Dimensional Work


The following are digital paintings. Watch for acrylic on canvas coming soon.

GreenEyes1forweb.jpg (105544 bytes)

'Green Eyes'

AtKelvinsGateforweb.jpg (358721 bytes)

'At Kelvin's Gate'

DanceforDarienforweb.jpg (416619 bytes)

'Dance for Darien'

Hecommandscolor reworkforweb.jpg (334430 bytes)

'He Commands Color'

LavenderNightssmall.jpg (74050 bytes)

'Lavender Nights'

Self Portraitsmall.jpg (84160 bytes)

'Self Portrait'

signedpensivesm.jpg (138264 bytes)


Comewithm2small.jpg (52212 bytes)

'Come With Me'

The Spirit of Granvileenweb.jpg (224927 bytes)

'Spirit of Granvileen'


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